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Pritzker Acquires Bardstown Bourbon, Can Cooperages Keep Up Pace?, and When Will Bourbon Prices Increase? on Bourbon Community Roundtable #66 (Bourbon Pursuit #348)

It’s Bourbon Community Roundtable #66 and here’s what we have on the topic list for today! Pritzker Private Capital Acquires Bardstown Bourbon Company. What does that mean for the pioneer of hospitality in Bardstown? As bourbon capital spending increases and Read More

Bringing Rye Back To Baltimore with Brian Treacy and Ryan Norwood of Sagamore Spirit (Bourbon Pursuit #341)

Rye whiskey production had a historic past in the northeastern states, especially Pennsylvania and Maryland. And now Sagamore Spirit based in Baltimore is bringing rye whiskey back. Ryan and I traveled to record this interview with their CEO, Brian Tracey, Read More